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2014 Illinois Medical Cannabis Update: Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis/HB 1 Fact Sheets

House Bill 1, the Illinois medical cannabis/marijuana program will take effect on Jan. 1, 2014.  Please read the entire bill or one of the summary and fact sheets linked to below for more specific info on the proposed medical cannabis program in Illinois.

The law is not perfect but it is a step in right direction for helping seriously ill people and needs to pass as soon as possible.  We have developed and are distributing different fact sheets and road maps on this law and the main sheets for HB 1 are here courtesy of MPP

IL Law Road Map:

IL Law Road Map abridged:

ShortHB1BillSummary – (PDF)

IL2013Two-Pager – (PDF)

IL Medical Marijuana Doctors List

IL 2 Page Summary for Doctors & Patients (courtesy of MPP)

IL NORML Medical Cannabis Patient Seminar Slides

Illinois Medical Cannabis (Marijuana) Pilot Program Website

Link to Illinois Medical Cannabis (Marijuana) Applications

Illinois NORML has been a leading voice for medical cannabis patients in Illinois and instrumental in advancing this cause.  Please help end cannabis prohibition by joining Illinois NORML by making a donation and making it possible for us to be in Springfield telling elected officials to change these laws.

Your total amount is : 50.00 (Currency: USD)

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