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Activities & Events

Wed January 28

Illinois NORML Lobby Day at the Illinois State Capitol 9AM-5PM

401 S. 2nd St. Springfield IL 62701

Sun Feb. 1

Bone Thugs n Harmony Benefit Show on the Scott Emo show for IL NORML

Save the Date:

2015 Springfield Capitol Lobby Days – 9AM-4PM

  • Wednesday January 28
  • Wednesday February 25
  • Wednesday March 25
  • Wednesday April 22
  • Wednesday May 20

Mon April 20 – Chicago 4/20 Celebration

Sat May 2 – Chicago Global Cannabis March (and maybe more!)



Lobbying Days in Springfield

When the lawmakers are in session we usually will have one lobby day a month to educate lawmakers on the reasons to end cannabis prohibition.  On these days we also have an info table setup on the first floor of the State Capitol.  We ask that all paritcipants on our lobby days to dress and act professional as we literally represent the cause and need to make a good impression.

Occupy the Courthouse! …DIRECT ACTION…
Illinois NORML supports the direct action to Occupy the Courthouse and educate the public about JURY NULLIFICATION, the secret power that jurors have to return a verdict of “NOT GUILTY” in defiance of oppressive and unjust law that if applied would cause undue hardship to an innocent person. If you cultivate, posses, or utilize cannabis YOU ARE NOT A CRIMINAL! It is only because of unjust laws that allow innocent people to be arrested and incarcerated for nonviolent drug offenses. Remember that cannabis is a plant, not a drug, and nature can’t be made illegal!

You can help Occupy the Courthouse and hand out leaflets that promote jury nullification as the most direct form of action that citizens can take to stop innocent people from being imprisoned for cannabis offenses. The power of informed citizens serving on a jury and simply returning a verdict of “not guilty” can bring an end to the war on cannabis.  SPREAD THE WORD!!!

For more information check out the Fully Informed Jury Association @

Global Cannabis March in Chicago

First weekend in May.  If you would like to help organize and promote the 2015 Chicago Global Marijuana March or anywhere else in Illinois please contact us

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