Jan 21 2014

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Department of Public Health Releases Draft Rules

*ALERT******Public Comments to the draft rules must be submitted by Feb. 7, 2014 ********

The Illinois Department of Public Health has released the draft rules for the Medical Cannabis Pilot Program.  The 48 pages of draft rules can be view at http://www2.illinois.gov/gov/mcpp/Pages/update-01212014.aspx  All comments and suggested changes to the draft DPH rules are welcome and encouraged, and should be sent electronically to DPH.MedicalCannabis@illinois.gov. When commenting on specific sections, please include the page number and the section number you are referring to. The Department requests any comments be submitted by Friday, February 7, 2014.

Comments may also be submitted via mail to:

Division of Medical Cannabis
Illinois Department of Public Health
535 W. Jefferson Street
Springfield, IL 62761-0001

Here is a summary of the draft DPH rules




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  1. delbre123

    Wow, I can’t believe I am going to have to give up my FOID card in order to be able to get medical marijuana! When the dept of public health released their draft of rules today, i read it. When I got down to section 946.230 general provisions, c) 23) on page 34, it says you cannot have a FOID card or concealed carry licence if you apply for the medical marijuana card. And if you have one you have to turn it back in! I live in very southern Illinois, and it is not only a tradition to hunt, but i hunt deer to supply a large amount of the meat supply for my family. I can barely pull back a bow anymore because of my fibromyalgia. So if i cannot use a firearm, then no more wild game for my family, no more tradition passed down. Not to mention possibly the most important of all…home defense and being able to protect my family. I just don’t understand why i should have to choose between these very important things, or being able to help ease my fibromyalgia pain. It just dosent make sense.If you only hunt while not under the influence, then i don’t see the problem. I can have guns with alcohol in my house but not marijuana? WOW! Thank you for letting me rant. If this dosent reach the correct forum, would you please forward it so others can see what i have typed? Thank you so much.

    D. Brewer

  2. southern ill

    I would like to say im not surprised , bjt what are you supost to do when it weems like the people who are making our laws live inside a different set of walls than the rest of us.
    Still writting laws of of old law books. We live in an era that we are able to go on line and access any information we want……So this is where im lost with Illinois…..these states that have completly legalized are bringing in alot of revenue and guess what they based their growing economy off of ……yes thats right the black market….however Illinois is trying to set presidence on this matter……like how Illinois is trying to get the federal government on board …or allowing all the red tape that has to be processed with the FBI…such as finger printing and background checks and now taking away privillages to deem this new way of life for the sick fit……..Take the market that is in place and amend it from there ,,,,,,,putting a high price tag on this so only the rich get richer is a nasty business plan of greed……
    You need to get your heads out of the sand Illinois politicians before its legal across the board in surrounding states and you fail by allowing greed to take the wheel ,….so to speak…..trying to act like there is no cannabis in illinois until you approve it for any reason is just plain stupid …..go ahead and continue with your proposed plan of greed and it will fail……hit the streets and find a new way …….this way is a FAIL…….its not as hard as you think . just type in cannabis news and it will show you all the updated info you would ever need to see how the rest of the USA is dealing with this matter……remember we are the UNITED STATES lets start living like it………greed will be your failure…..

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