Feb 28 2013

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Full Text of Illinois House Bill 1, The Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act

The full text of Illinois HB1, The Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act has been posted. Check it out and give us your feedback when you have a chance!


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  1. red-lodge

    Why is it that, under Section 10(h)(1) “Debilitating medical conditions” there is no mention of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), chronic pain, or other conditions allowed under other state Medical MJ laws? Why does this new bill have to be so darn restrictive, as HB 30 was? Wasn’t that the problem some lawmakers had with HB 30, that it was too restrictive? Why are we setting ourselves up for failure again? I know that under section 10(h)(2) it states “any other debilitating medical condition or its treatment that is added by the Department of Public Health by rule as provided in Section 45″, but won’t that just unnecessarily prolong the suffering of patients in need, even if HB 1 passes? Under Section 45, it could take 6 months for each additional qualifying medical condition. Isn’t there any way that the medical conditions listed in Section 10(h)(1)
    could be expanded right from the start?

    Best Regards, An extremely concerned Medical MJ Advocate

    1. Ali

      While many people, including some lawmakers, felt that HB30 and the new HB1 are too restrictive, the lawmakers that are still on the fence on this issue generally feel the opposite way. The removal (or lack of inclusion) of certain conditions or symptoms from the initial list of qualifying conditions was done in an attempt to sway those undecided lawmakers and to help ensure passage into law. The reality, as unfortunate as it may be, is that many people feel that things like “chronic pain” are not well defined enough and are open to abuse, even if cannabis is truly the best option for patients suffering from those conditions. Our goal as Illinois NORML will always be to try to achieve the best result we can for our constituents and supporters, patients or otherwise, given the political realities we face. Even if HB1 passes and is signed into law, we will continue to work to protect patients’ rights and ensure they have the best, most secure access to their medicine that we can achieve.

      1. red-lodge

        OK, I can understand that chronic pain is is not well defined and open to abuse. But PTSD is a very specifically defined illness which must be diagnosed by a liscensed psychiatrist. In 2012, twenty-two veterans PER DAY committed suicide, many of whom suffered from PTSD. Now, please tell my why PTSD can’t be included on the initial list of qualifying conditions? I know of at least one Medical MJ state, Oregon, that has PTSD on its list.

        1. Ali

          We would love to have some veterans and veterans groups reaching out the the legislators in Springfield and asking precisely that question. If you’re interested in working towards that goal, drop us a line at get.info@illinoisnorml.org and we’d be happy to help support an effort in that direction.

  2. southern ill

    I spent a good part of the day trying to make heads or tails out of this proposal, and there are a lot of good points to be made, but with good also comes the bad. I don’t think that appying all the restrictions that are in place in this bill will make it a go. It is however a great start,at least my opinion, and a better start than HB 30.

    “Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be…..Jack Welch”

    I mean that cannabis is being used and ditributed to our illeagal patients now everyday and there is no regulation and taxation. SO by tryng to decieve those in need by nerfing the system just to get it passed to me means we should take out the word “Compassionate” because it has become to political because to many people want there 2 cents thrown into it. our state is broke and our people are suffering and all we can do is try to develope a system that is way to controling. I have read that lets get this passed and then we will change it after it becomes law.
    Wouldn’t be easier to cut some of the red tape bs and add new laws a the problems arive. over 200 pages on this text of this bill and it compairs alcohol and taxes from the 60′s and bio fuels. I mean why have we added so much crap to a bill that should call for help to patients from Dr.’s, you know the name medical cannabis. Everytime i read all the amendments and all the clauses and whats covered and who can be a patient, i feel more and more like calling it “POLITICAL CANNABIS”
    I heard a comment on the facebook side Illinois norml that stated that our government cant even keep drugs out of the prisons , how in the heck can they say they can keep it off the streets.
    This bill will never touch the black market because even to be in the system of legal patients you will have to be under the microscope so far they will know what you are eating as your chewing.
    I know that NORML is doing everything within the resources and believe me the people are so grateful to have all the help you provide for them.
    There is a system to this getting passed, but until both sides can agree upon helping the sick and needful in a way that isnt so controling right up front , the sick will go without represintation and the underworld or black market will thrive on the mir principle that they are more orginaized to do business in this state then those who cant control it because they believe nerfing the bill with hoops and hurdles and so much red tape that it is only going to cause turmol on so many different levels.

    Start simple Illinois and add to the laws as problems arive. your 3 year program is going to be over before it ever gets started. and quit compairing us to California , like they are out of control, they went from broke(which we are) to not broke and being able to pay there bills.
    Find out what worked there and start with simple rules of that .
    The people are counting on you.
    Thanks for reading

  3. southern ill

    SO if you do the math , is it possible to only have 20 grow sites within the state to supply only 60 despencieries, and still stay under the least amount of conviction from the federal government?
    I am just wondring if this outcome has been overlooked or compromised to get this bill pushed along.
    I dont think it is going to be a good choice to put those 20 grow sites at more risk then they need to be just to keep up with the sales of medical cannabis within the state.
    Seems like a little less restriction is going to be needed for this bill to work properly.

    Just looking at it from all directions , and was wondering if the law makers are as well.

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