Mar 06 2013

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Illinois House Committee Passes Medical Cannabis Bill (HB1) by 11-4 vote!

The Illinois House Human Services Committee voted this morning 11-4 to send HB1, The Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act, to the House floor in the Illinois General Assembly for a full vote. Thanks to Representative Lou Lang (D-Skokie) and all the other Committee members of both parties for their support of Illinois medical cannabis patients!



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  1. Eric K. Johnson

    Thank you Dan Linn and everyone associated with or supportive of Norml & Illinois Norml for all of their hard work and dedication.We will prevail in our united effort to provide safe legal access to medical cannabis.
    Thanks to Representative Lou Lang for bringing this important legislation!.
    Science and reason seem to be trumping erroneous antiquated myths and political fearmongering.
    Now is the time to contact our elected officials in mass.It only takes a minute to call and voice our collective desire to quickly pass this long overdue correction of the prohibition of a safe and effective medicine.

    Eric K. Johnson

  2. southern ill

    I was wondering if anyone seen in this proposal if illinois is going to accept out of state card holders, while in the state of illinois.
    To also talk about the elephant in the room , illinois is proposing one of the tuffest bills about medical cannabis, soim not sure but i believe a couple states that allow out of state people to obtain medical cannabis cards , so if illinois is only going to accept what they feel to be a good reason for the medication and not to those who self medicate for reason like smaller issues of chrones like IBS, or maybe even PTSD from our veterans who return home from war time. there are so many things left un answered in this proposal. just curious if anyone else had these same question and if there is a place to find the answers.
    it does claim that you can or your dr? can ask the Human Services to allow his or her disorder or condition to be allowed a medical cannabis card. is this all on the table for discussion or is it something you and your dr need to petition to allow the situatuion for you or would it cover everyone from that point on if approved?

  3. wyzzer

    Do you have to be a MMJ patient to be a caregiver?

    1. Dan

      Not in the current version of HB 1. Caregivers and patients cannot grow the medicine and caregivers cannot use the medicine.

      1. slimbonic22

        So, only “cultivation centers” can grow? What are the restrictions? TBD by Dept. of Ag? The bill in and of itself is incomplete and leaves a lot of questions to be answered…still a step ( albeit small step) in the right direction.

        Whats the point of passing such an incomplete bill to be shot down again? Adopt a successful law already passed in one of the 18 other states.

        I’m not sticking around IL any longer waitng for the politics to work itself out. It’s so corrupt here, to many special interests and narcissists running the show.

        Hello Michigan, here I come!

  4. southern ill

    So the 4th amendment from this bill has already pushed effective date to 2014, jan.
    so the black market pushes on and the patients linger in the mist of becomeing another statistic of prohibition. The most tightly wound bill on medical cannabis,and still cant pull it together for another year……this doesnt surprise me at all…….in my line of work we say there is a such thing as when safty becomes this issues out of due prosess.
    “Meaning my safty isnt safe enough.”
    Why is there so much conflict with such a simplistic solution.
    look at what is working, legal or illegal is a term , the black market is what the darn politicians want to base there monies off of, but yet you want to decribe a policy that is new and fresh and regulates how to do things with new directions , but yet everyone wants to grab up as much realistate and state there disbelief or opinions but its mostly being fed by outdate information from testing that has not been truly as acurate as the laws they want to amend with this bill……
    must mean that the hands of the crooked political sides may have there hands a little deeper in this blackmarket cookie jar……….then we realize………good luck ……..i feel more let down daily with this state and the choices that the law makers make to keep thier selves representing those who harm us ……..even the fda makes mistakes, this state is making them by not looking at the rights of its citizens and the help that some could live with a better quality of life with a simple choice to quit talking about how to fix it and get to fixing it by allowing the challenges in front of them vs , this market that seems to operate more and more smoothly than ever………

    Just let down………
    thought even waiting a little longer to see some results but then seeing the 4th on here just ……
    thanks for reading…….

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