Apr 17 2013

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Illinois House Passes Medical Cannabis Bill (HB1) 61-57!

The Illinois House voted 61-57 to pass House Bill 1, the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act, the first time the chamber has passed a medical cannabis program that will provide access to Illinois patients with certain conditions to obtain cannabis legally under state law.  This comprehensive program represents a significant step forward for Illinois as the General Assembly more generally considers amending its policies regarding cannabis in line with many other states throughout the country.  If this bill becomes a law, Illinois will be the 19th state (plus D.C.) to allow for the use of cannabis for medical purposes in some circumstances.

Illinois NORML supports House Bill 1 because it legally protects patients and their doctor’s right to choose the best course of treatment for each individual situation.  “This bill is a product of a decade of debating this issue in Illinois and failing to help these patients and provide them with safe access to their medicine,” said Illinois NORML Executive Director Dan Linn.  “Because medical cannabis patients should not be criminals.”

If passed into law, this bill would create a medical cannabis system regulated by the Department of Health, the Department of Agriculture and Department of Financial and Professional Regulation.  The law provides for up to 22 cultivation centers and 60 dispensing organizations throughout the state.  It would allow safe and legal access to medical cannabis for sick people with one of the more than 35 specific conditions listed in the legislation.  

The patients would be allowed to purchase 2.5 ounces every two weeks and any cannabis used in edibles, tinctures or topicals would count towards that allotted medicine limit.  Medical cannabis would be taxed at the same rate as pharmaceutical and over the counter medicines of 1%.  Public safety officials, school bus drivers, police officers, firefighters, commercial drivers, anyone convicted of a drug related felony and probation officers are prohibited from being patients.  There are limits as to where cannabis may be consumed and carried and patients would be subject to a Standardized Field Sobriety Test if suspected of driving under the influence of cannabis.

Watch video of the vote here http://new.livestream.com/blueroomstream/events/2022229/videos/16659040


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  1. wyzzer

    A step in the right direction for sure! Glad to see this finally pass in the House. Couple questions: Can someone help me better understand what the amendment that adds “residual limb pain” covers? Will that be purely a doctor’s judgement or is it specific? Also, while heavily regulated by the state, are the cultivation centers and dispensaries still going to be private organizations/companies?

  2. easybakeoven

    Hi I was wondering if my illness would qualify for this, I have cystic fibrosis. With a 25% lung activity. I already get Ssi. And I am not a felon

  3. Richard Jaggers

    I don’t understand. If you’re felling can you get medical marijuana or not. Unless a drug crime. i am a felon but I have never been in trouble for drugs. And can someone tell me about how long it takes for this bill to go to the Senate. Thank you

  4. Dan

    Residual limb pain is the pain that one feels after a limb has been amputated and there is “phantom” limb pain. Drug felons are the ones that are disqualified, i believe. I dont think cystic fibrosis is specifically in the bill but it could be added once the bill passes. The bill should go through the Senate by the end of May. Dispensaries and cultivation centers will be private entities regulated by the state.

    1. wyzzer

      Thanks for the clarification Dan. Is there any place I can go to gather information about applying to be a dispensary owner/operator? Do you have any insight to that?

      1. Dan

        Reading the bill is the best way to get info on what you’ll need to apply, once the bill passes then there will be period of writing Rules and Regulations and that will more clearly spell out what to do to pursue those activities. I’d imagine once it passes lawyers and consulting groups will pop up looking to help potential industry folks.

  5. wyzzer

    Thanks for the clarification Dan. Is there any place I can go to gather information about applying to be a dispensary owner/operator? Do you have any insight to that?

  6. Grober

    Where do we get questions answered, like:

    a) One cultivation site per police district, will be allowed. How is it determined whom gets which police district. What if I wish to cultivate in district 5, and so do 10 other businesses? How is this decided?

    b) May a dispensary shop cultivators? Or does a dispensary need to pick a cultivator, and only buy from them?

    c) Similarly, is there any limit to how many dispensaries a cultivator may supply?

    d) How may a cultivator attain their initial stock? Will they be allowed to purchase seeds abroad? Can they obtain clones from growers in Michigan, or other neighboring states?

    e) How is it expected that a cultivator will legally transport their medical cannabis to the dispensaries?

    Where can I/we go, to get answers to questions like these?

  7. Grober

    Can you provide us a link to the full bill, for our reading?

  8. Ali

    The fact sheets are right here for your review! If you have any other questions, let us know.


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