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At Illinois NORML we are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help us end cannabis prohibition. Below is a list of tasks and positions for people interested in volunteering.
If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us online and tell us what you are interested in working on.IDEAS FOR GETTING INVOLVED:1. Talk to others about the need to reform cannabis laws! Join Illinois NORML on Facebook and share our posts with your friends. Help spread the word about cannabis legalization  to your social network.  Download, print and distribute our brochure.  Sign up for our email list below.

2. Attend our activities and events like monthly meetings, rallies, direct actions, and benefit shows..

3. Arrange screenings of a documentary like Bringing It Home, Waiting to Inhale, the Union, Grass or any of the other documentaries covering cannabis prohibition; these can be at a local library, private residence or just about anywhere that movies could be shown to the public.

4. Lobby your elected officials

Call the State of Illinois Directory Assistance at 217-782-2000 and have the operator connect you with your State Representative, State Senator and the Governor and urge them to vote to legalize cannabis.

For help lobbying

What to Expect at an IL NORML Lobby Day

5. Write a Letter to the Editor of a publication. Media Contact List

6. Sign an online petition here and here

7. Design or sponsor the purchase of an Illinois NORML banner or Illinois NORML shirts/stickers/buttons.

8. Organize Fundraisers…such as as benefit shows. If your band is playing, have part of the cover charge or donations help support Illinois NORML

9. Donate Office Supplies like copy paper, envelopes, stamps or folders as we ALWAYS need more of this stuff. Please send us stamps.

10. Post positive cannabis ideas on blogs, and online forums.


-VOLUNTEER FOR ILLINOIS NORML!!! help on a campaign, join a committee, work a job, take action now, get involved!


Activities and Events Events coordinator, secretary / assistant organize events and activities
Direct Action protester, picketer, lobbyist, attend protests and demonstrations, make signs and banners
Education Teacher, speaker, lecturer, presenter host a teach in, make a speech, conduct a presentation
Finance Fundraiser, accountant, treasurer, tax adviser raise money, manage financial accounts,
Legal Attorney, legal assistant, draft legislation, defend pro bono
Media and Social Media Writer, journalist, PR specialist, web designer, photographer, video, audio write articles, manage social media sites, manage the website, promote, send out press releases
Outreach and Networking Canvasser, marketer, leafleter,  volunteer coordinator recruit volunteers, contact members, hand out fliers, make phone calls
Research and Information Researcher, archivist conduct research, collect information and facts, assimilate content



-County Leaders throughout Illinois.  Please inquire by using our contact form.

-Membership Director

The Membership Coordinator aims to expand our membership by educating people of our free membership program as well as finding new paid members.  Following up with current  members and responding to membership inquires are the main responsibilities.
-Event Director
The Event Coordinator organizes and manages our events.  We’re looking for someone to specifically focus on planning and executing various events from fundraisers and benefit shows to lobby days and rallies.

-Newshawks and online editors for the Media Awareness Project

-People to post our info on craigslist


-Talk Radio Listeners to call in and voice the need to end cannabis prohibition.

-Law Enforcement Officers to speak out against prohibition


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