Adult Use Cannabis Legalization Bills Introduced

08 Nov Adult Use Cannabis Legalization Bills Introduced

Illinois lawmakers are currently working to advance legislation that would allow adults in Illinois to legally grow, possess and consume cannabis.  The twin bills, Senate Bill 316 and House Bill 2353, would allow adults 21 and over to grow up to five plants and purchase up to one ounce.  It would tax cannabis at $50 per ounce at the wholesale level and a 6.25% sales tax with a potential for higher local excise taxes.  These bills are projected to bring in between $350 and $700 Million dollars in tax revenue per year.

Illinois NORML supports these bills and are adamant about keeping home cultivation in any amendments to these bills.  The sponsors are holding hearings across the state to gather input from the public.  Please contact your State Representative and State Senator and urge them to “Vote Yes on Senate Bill 316 and House Bill 2353.”  217-782-2000 will connect you to the Capitol switchboard and the operator can connect you directly to your elected officials office.  Illinois NORML will also be holding more Lobby Days in 2018 to rally support behind these bills.

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  • Patricia Schneider
    Posted at 06:14h, 22 December Reply

    Pharmacuetical drugs, cause so much devestation to people in need of pain medication, and sonmany so easily addicted. Cannabis is proven to alleviate pain, with no fear of addiction, and helps wean people with opioid addiction. It is a no brainer to legalize a organic plant, the pros outweigh the cons, and the procceds of sales, would help alleviate the the deficet of Illinois.

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