Kirsten Valasco

The Medical Cannabis Community Outreach Manager & Author of Cannabis Basics Textbook

Prioritizing cannabis education, I published Cannabis Basics Textbook . Throughout Illinois, I’ve given over 150 educational presentations, and executed successful networking events providing brand development sponsorships (promoted and attended by local media).

I created and implemented the Illinois Women in Cannabis (not for profit) – all-volunteer Cannabis Education Campaign 2016 & 2017 while continuously creating content that makes cannabis safe and accessible. These guerrilla marketing techniques provide the opportunity to: identify consumers/customers, educate future consumers, connect with advocates, build acceptance by non-consumers, promote brand awareness, and collect data points for all interactions.

Each exposure is an opportunity to normalize cannabis, instill correct perceptions, and trigger advocacy, which is key to broadening the consumer base beyond “medical” and “recreational.” In 2019, I broadened my education and experience as a full-time outreach coordinator and licensed dispensary agent (Patient Care Specialist). Recently, as a freelance consultant, I provided cannabis marketing content for the Spring 2020 semester at DePaul University, and project managed and created the content for a cannabis training manual and pocket guide.

Non-traditional marketing in the cannabis space is the specialty of The Medical Cannabis Community. If your personal or business interests intersect with cannabis, our community is a juggernaut of insights and opportunities. 

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