In Illinois, we’ve been medically legal since 2014 and recreationally legal since 2020. The question now arises, what’s Illinois NORML to do next?

What we want to know is: Why are people still getting arrested for the same products that corporate companies sell to the public? Why are our legacy suppliers still sitting behind bars for nonviolent cannabis offenses?

The reason for the legal market was to offer safe to consume products without the potential of harm, so why are we still discovering moldy products with no repercussions? Where are the small businesses we want to support in offering us crafted products? Consumers deserve protections in the workplace too.

Illinois NORML will continue to advocate for these individuals by advocating for policy and law reform to prohibit this injustice. But we can’t do this without your support. Please consider donating and becoming a member today to help further our cause.

Working to reform marijuana laws.

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