These are all incredible people that are doing amazing work in the cannabis industry in Illinois

These are all incredible people that are doing amazing work in the cannabis industry in Illinois.

We here at IL NORML wanted to give a spotlight to some incredible movers and shakers in the industry. Not only are the people on this list doing amazing things on their own, they are giving back to their community so that we can all be empowered by each other’s strengths.

A few weeks ago, we asked our volunteers to compile a list of their idol people in the industry that they want to see spotlighted and they gave us an overwhelming list of responses!

This list that was compiled is not who’s better than, it’s a united collective who are all pushing the envelope and showing their unwavering abilities of change making. They know what they want and they are going for it alongside helping others around them.

Make sure to check each of these individuals on this list and give them some love by supporting their businesses by patronizing them or by giving them a follow, subscribe, and even share of their content. You don’t always have to financially support to give support. The ones on this list will be ever grateful for your efforts in sharing their content to reach a wider audience, so make sure to do just that!

Danielle Schumacher

Founder THC Staffing Group, Former IL NORML member & Executive Director | Past & Present IL NORML Leadership

Danielle Schumacher is a seasoned activist with experience running cannabis businesses across the country. As the first chancellor of Oaksterdam University, Danielle worked with Richard Lee to establish America’s first cannabis college.

Margo Vesely

IL NORMLs Executive Director, CEO of Margojuana & PhytoEndoConnection Podcast

Margo Vesely is the Founder and CEO of Margojuana, where she’s dedicated her career to inspiring humanity to understand the blessings in cannabis.

Dan Linn

Former executive director of the Illinois chapter of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws)

Dan Linn, former executive director of the Illinois chapter of NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) was hired as general manager for Maribis in Springfield, IL. Linn led NORML, a nonprofit lobbying organization that works to legalize marijuana, since 2006.

Edie Moore

Founding Board Member & Executive Director Chicago NORML

An experienced construction project administrator and compliance director, Edie Moore has assisted in the development of affordable housing, zoological projects, and community developments.

Amor Montes Oca

Illinois Women in Cannabis Executive Director

As the very first Executive Director of Illinois Women in Cannabis, Amor leads a vibrant community of women interested in working in Illinois’ nascent regulated cannabis industry.

Candace Clark

Eat Chicago (Equity and Transformation) S.E.E.N., Co-Founder and COO of LinkUp

I am a native of Montgomery, AL now living in Chicago. As an entrepreneur, I am committed to service, inclusion and innovation.

Kalee Hooghkirk

Midwest Hemp Coalition President & Owner of Full Spektrum Services

Kalee Hooghkirk is a board member of Illinois Women in Cannabis and co-chair of the Professional Development and Events Committees.

Christina Colon

Owner of Mama Verde Apothecary & Chicago NORML Board Member

Momma Verde Apothecary specializes in all natural,hand-made Full Spectrum Whole Hemp Skincare and Wellness Products.

Kiana Hughes

Chicago NORML Board Member and Founder of Elevated Education, LLC

As a founding board member and Education Director for Chicago NORML, she created and facilitated cannabis industry training for people from disproportionately impacted communities in and around Chicago.

Gina Gault

RISE Dispensaries Community Outreach Specialist & Illinois Women in Cannabis Board Member

Gina Gault is a valued board member and serves as secretary for Illinois Women in Cannabis. Gina joined IWC in 2017 to assist them in their mission to reach and empower women of all backgrounds.

Kirsten Valasco

The Medical Cannabis Community Outreach Manager & Author of Cannabis Basics Textbook

Prioritizing cannabis education, I published Cannabis Basics Textbook . Throughout Illinois, I’ve given over 150 educational presentations, and executed successful networking events providing brand development sponsorships (promoted and attended by local media).

Tiffany Reynolds

Founder of Soul & Wellness & Chicago NORML member

Tiffany Reynolds has been in the cannabis industry for 5 years advocating and educating individuals about the medical benefits of the plant while breaking the stigma. She has witnessed first hand the positive benefits of medical cannabis in both adults and children and have been inspired by their success stories.

Dina Rollman

Co-Founder of Illinois Women in Cannabis, Oversees Government & Regulatory Affairs for GTI

Dina Rollman is the co-founder of Illinois Women in Cannabis and serves as its president and a director. She is also senior vice president for Government and Regulatory Affairs at Green Thumb Industries, a Chicago-based multi-state operator of licensed marijuana cultivation facilities and dispensaries.

Sarah Sykes

Sarah Rose Botanicals Wellness Coach and Natural Product Enthusiast

Sarah Sykes is the founder of Sarah Rose Botanicals, a provider of holistic services and retail products. She is a certified empowerment-based wellness coach and trauma-informed cannabis consultant.

Joline Rivera

Kitchen Toke Founder & Illinois Women in Cannabis Member

Joline Rivera is the founder and creative director of Kitchen Toke and Red Belly Honey.

Kitchen Toke is the first media brand dedicated to promoting health and wellness through culinary cannabis.

Mahja Sulemanjee Bortocek

CEO of High Haven & Illinois Women of Cannabis member

Mahja Sulemanjee Bortocek is the Founder and CEO of High Haven, a cannabis consulting firm and a dispensary agent responsible vendor trainer for IDFPR.

Jondae Scott

M4MM IL Chapter President & Chicago NORML Education Committee Director

The need for legal cannabis regulation is severe in Illinois. Through research, volunteerism, and marketing experience, I aim to connect opportunities in cannabis with communities affected by the war on drugs.

Payal Shah

Founder of Cannabis Insight Collective & Chicago NORML member

Payal Shah is founder and CEO of the Cannabis Insight Collective. She’s spent the last two decades in strategic planning, working in leadership roles within global advertising agencies, on blue-chip clients including Proctor & Gamble, Microsoft, Walmart, Kelloggs, and Porsche.

Wendy Berger

Founder of Illinois Women in Cannabis Board Member at GTI, CEO and Founder of WBS Equities, LLC

WBS Equities specializes in ground-up construction, renovation, development, sale lease back transactions and acquisition of industrial buildings for food and beverage manufacturers and distributors.

Felicia Santiago

Elevated Education Admin, Chicago NORML Board Member & Owner of Diskrete Wellness

At Diskrete Wellness, we aim to provide access to high quality terpene, CBD, and hemp based products. It is our passion to provide access to those who choose to use unique and discrete methods of healing. 

Tiffany Woodman

Owner of CannaBella Lux Chicagos first Highbrid Boutique, IL NORML member

Tiffany Woodman is the founder and CEO of Canna Bella Lux, the femme-forward, cannabis-inspired “highbrid” boutique and lifestyle brand.

In Conclusion...

You can support all these incredible people pushing the needle forward for federal changes by purchasing products from them, offering donations to their organizations and by sharing their content that they produce amongst your networks.

These hard working folks have been caring about this plant and its people and the work shows. We need you to help spread the good words that are being brought forth by these movers and shakers that are influencing this big change in history.

Please email to be.

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