What to Expect at an Illinois NORML Lobby Day

Before arriving at the Capitol, you will want to know your State Senator and State Representative’s name & Springfield office address and what they look like. Visit IL GA Website and type in your zip code and address. Click on the State Senator and State Representative’s names to view their contact information and pictures.  If you would like to print both of these and bring it to the Capitol it can be very helpful in locating them among the crowd of lawmakers.  It is extremely encouraged to call ahead of time and set up an appointment time with both your State Senator and State Representative.  Since you are taking the time to go to Springfield you should be able to get at least a few minutes with each of the lawmakers who represent you, however without calling ahead to setup an appointment there is no guarantee that they will be able to meet with you.

Upon arriving at the Capitol, you will go through security and a metal detector and then proceed to the Illinois NORML info table located on the first floor of the Capitol.  Usually we are in the south hall but always on the first floor.  Pick up any info sheets you will want to leave with your elected officials from the Illinois NORML table.  We will have info sheets on all the bills we are tracking along with how we want the lawmakers to vote.

Go to your State Senator and State Representative’s offices (these will be two different offices) and ask the Legislative Assistant if you can have a few minutes of the lawmaker’s time or that you are there for your scheduled appointment. If you are able to speak to them, let them know that you are a constituent and have traveled to Springfield to share your feelings about legalizing cannabis, the Medical Cannabis Pilot Program and industrial hemp farming.  Ask them how they would vote if our bill came up today. If the lawmaker is not in their office, ask the assistant where they are.

If they are in a committee hearing or caucus meeting it helps to go to that specific room and wait for them to come out.  Visit http://www.ilga.gov to view their picture and print it out if you feel so inclined.  Here is a link to some videos of previous committee hearings debating medical cannabis in Illinois.  Once they exit the room, approach them, introduce yourself and let them know why you came to Springfield. Feel free to share your thoughts with them but be polite and respectful of their time.

If they are in the Senate or House Chambers, take an IL NORML business card provided at the Illinois NORML table and proceed to the third floor. Go to the Senate or House Chambers entrance.  Write your name and address and their name on the back of card. Give it to one of the doormen who will enter the Chambers and deliver it to the lawmaker. Hopefully he/she will come out to talk to you, so watch for them.

If you are unable to speak to them, leave the info sheets available at the Illinois NORML table with their assistant so that they will know you visited. Please feel free to write your own note on the paper too.


Our Volunteers made a video in 2013 (the numbers are way out of date :))

How a Bill Becomes a Law

Law making process for Illinois: